Bin Laden Body Politics

Ganesh Paudel
6th May, 2011

Osama Bin Laden’s sea burial has pulled the US Army into controversy. Laden’s dead body as said is cremated into the Arabian Sea wrapping in a white sheet which is a method of Muslim cremation although it is uncommon.

Saudi Arabia refused to accept the corpse and there was a hurry to bury because US would like to settle the issue overnight. If they would bury it somewhere in land, the terrorists could build-up an allegorical place for the terrorists which the US would not like.

Some people said cremation is a right after death but some critics observe that Laden was not pure Muslim and had no right to be honoured. Some other have criticized on the base of Muslim Religion.

People were eager to see the dead body of the villain who killed nearly 3 thousand people in the 9/11 attack. There was a fear of crusade which could devastate the world. President Obama mentioned in his address that the action was not against the Islam.

Alternative Headline: Unwanted Dead Body Talk

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