Nepali Media-scape: Service or Industry?

-Ganesh Paudel


Media houses are service industry which cannot survive without people’s participation. Any media publish/broadcast news and events or materials about the people and people buy their product by various means to consume that makes reciprocal relations between the media and people.


Unlike to the Europe and Americas, private newspapers were introduced with the goal of political and social awareness in Nepal. Radio and television were also introduced in time being and they were under government control. After the restoration of democracy some newspapers emerged. Later various private owned Radio and Television channels are established as industry.


Now there are many private own media industries, government own media are running which have no editorial freedom at all but pro government propaganda. They have got good government funding and have nothing to do with the business. They have developed a cycle of production and consumption which cannot be called business.


Private owned media gradually being established as industry are running under business cycle. Although they claim themselves to be service motive business, they are earning ample amount of profit. They have investment, process of production where a big team is involved. They produce competitive product and general people consume it.


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