Seeing Ilam With New Vision

-Ganesh Paudel

I was out for a media and photographic tour from the
college last week. The Kantipur City College bus
headed to Ilam from Kathmandu at 7:00 a.m. on 27
November carrying a group of 17 students with two
teachers and two vehicle staff. The purpose of the tour
was to learn photography and video shooting skill
practically in the field.
I was born in Ilam so the journey was not new for me
but this time I had a different experience with me.
I rode the bus at 8:15 a.m. from Balkhu I spent
altogether 59 hours in
the tour to calculate
the tour duration
beginning from
Kathmandu to Fikkal,
Ilam the place I got
off from the bus for
my personal works.
When we went out
the valley the zigzag
hilly roads welcomed
us. A short halt for
tea was made at
Sisneri. We were
hoping to see Indra
Sarobar lake, the dam of Kulekhani hydropower but the
bus went across bypass so we could not see it. We
descended towards the old town of Bhimphedi along
with a steep road full of sharp bends and reached
Hetauda where we took lunch.
We reached the destination of first day Birtamod Jhapa
near about midnight. The other day we entered Ilam
We explored the hills and plains during the tour. We
could see Mt. Kanchenjunga and some other peaks in
the Singalila series fading beyond the clouds.
We saw beautiful thick forest alongside of the east west
highway from Hetauda onwards. In Ilam we saw thick
rainforest as well as privately protected coniferous
jungle with a cone upwards.
I was happy to see all my friends in Ilam. I felt good,
when they were excited to enjoy the views of green hills
of Ilam district from Kanyam tea estate. A tea estate
looks like a green carpet spread over to decorate hills.
When we crossed Kanyam, we went across many
private tea gardens where people were picking tea buds
which I simply missed to shoot with camera.
I felt very sad while we crossed the mighty Mai river
before reaching Ilam town. There was no water under
the Raajdwali bridge. All water from the holy river was
drained by Maikhola hydropower station.
Ilam is a town spread in a hilltop having a big tea
garden aside. We had to carry out photography and
video shooting tasks in Ilam. So we went to the tea
garden across the Mahendra Ratna campus premises
and chose the ‘Lovers’ Point’ as our project area.
I had a nostalgic feeling when I recalled the company of
my first love nearly 20 years
back at the same place.

We were engaged in firing our
cameras and shoot a drama
over the video then hurried
towards the city center across
the tea garden. A shot is
shared above describes it.
We took a television
interview with a former
minister Keshav Thapa and
went back to hotel. We
enjoyed Tongba a local brand
of liquor made of millet before
the dinner which made us sing the song ‘Ilamai sahar
chiyabari ramro tyai paryo ghar hamro…’
The next day was for Darjeeling so we headed towards
Pashupatinagar. A short halt at Panchakanya temple for
tea gave me an opportunity to visit my school. Karfok
Highschool which is situated inside a thik wood of pine
handed me over a token of love that was due from 10
years back.
We saw a dairy chilling center and a cheese factory on
the way to Pashupatinagar. We went to Darjeeling
where we saw the toy train, red panda and full size
statue of poet Bhanubhakta etc.
I had to go to my home in Premejung village for
personal works therefore I got off the bus at Fikkal
bazaar with a heavy heart to be departed from the
friends. I terminated the formal tour there and went to
private business missing exciting plans to spend time at
Vedetar and Sauraha.
During the tour, the weather was in our favour, very
clear and nice. I came back by a comfortable bus two
days later. The tour really refreshed and injected some
new jests in me.


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